Water pump to oil cooler pipe?

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Oct 13, 2013
Bryan, TX
Anybody replace this with hose? I need to replace the rubber portion that connects to the water pump and figured it would be easier to run a length of hose, as opposed to wrestling the tiny piece between the pipe and water pump.
The early FJ40s with oil coolers didn't have a pipe, just a section of hose:

Early Oil Cooler.png

The later FJ40s and FJ60s added a section of pipe:

Late Oil Cooler.png
Now that I've read your post again in more detail (the coffee just kicked in) I think you're talking about the upper pipe?
No, I'm referring to 15777B, the lower pipe. Thanks for the pics! That answers my question. I'll be running some hose there.
Post some pics when you're done, I'd be interested to see what you use and how it turns out.
As I expected, hose 15777 is NLA from Toyota, so you can't go that route.
Yeah, the P.O. Just stuck a piece of heater hose in there and it appears to have been leaking.
I don't currently have an AC compressor, so I'm gonna try to route the new hose in a manner that leaves me room for the new compressor, yet didn't get near the accessory belts.
The bend at the bottom may require a shaping coil to keep from kinking, if you use straight hose.

If they'll let you behind the counter at a big auto parts store, you might be able to find a 90 degree molded hose with long ends that just needs to be cut down. The part # 15779-61010 doesn't show a cross-reference. Even SOR does not list one.
I'll look into those coils. I'm actually thinking of running it under the alternator, to avoid belt interference. I'll play with it and see. It may be easier to keep the hard pipe like it was.
I removed the pipe and just ran hose without any issue.
Cool. That's 5/8 heater hose, right? I'm about to run to Napa and get the rtv in a bit. Hopefully I'll have the cooling system back together and 4runner's upgraded battery cables on tonight.
My wife thinks I'm working on the pole barn today, so nobody tell her I'm tinkering with the Cruiser! Haha
It's should be 5/8.
5/8 did it! Hose went in clean, with no kinks. She seems to be running much cooler now, not sure if it was the fan clutch, or water pump, but it's done either way!
I happen to have the 15777 hose (part # 15779-61010) out to replace the water pump. This hose being NLA is bad news for those of us with oil coolers. I learned from way back that this hose gets cooked by the engine heat and is a service item. See photo of the OEM piece below with the insulation around the top portion. If you're rigging up a replacement, be sure to add that insulation, or your hose will have a reduced life span. I think the reason Toyota went with a pipe later is to beef up the reliability.


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