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Sep 29, 2005
Before I had a chance to mess with the lift my water pump went out. It wont turn and is locked up. We checked belt tension and it's fine. It's making a weird whistling noise and will not start up. Any suggestions? Also how hard would it be to put a new one on and how much will it cost? Thanks for all the input.


Sep 1, 2003
SOR shows an OEM water pump for $110 plus the gasket. If the truck is new to you, it's probably a good time to replace all the hoses since you'll be draining the radiator. I just purchased a full hose set from my dealer (engine cooling, front and rear heater and oil cooler) and this was about $250, but you might be able to find them cheaper elsewhere (try Cruiser Dan on this list) or maybe you can go aftermarket. The smaller diameter hoses (heater and oil cooler) are mostly the same diameter and you might be able just to use straight heater hose if you can make the bends without kinking the hose.

Replacing the water pump isn't too difficult. Remove all the belts, the fan shroud, the fan, viscous coupling and water pump pulley. I think I also removed the thermostat housing for better access for gasket scraping, but this may not be necessary. If you do remove the thermostat housing, you'll need those gaskets too. Be prepared to replace some of the bolts, depending upon how bad the corrosion is.

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