Vaguely tech - location of rear emblem on '97

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Feb 4, 2005

Anyone have the mounting location of the toyota T/sombrero emblem on the rear of the '97.

I picked up some black pearl emblems and the rear T emblem is curved so it won't fit on the flatter position of the stock emblem of the '96 I own. Rather than try to flatten it with heat or something and risk destroying it, I decided to just locate it in the same place as the '97 emblem.

I assume it is centered on the upper hatch left to right, and somewhere on the curved surface between the hatch lock and the horizontal "landcruiser" emblem. Can anyone help me be more precise?

Is it in the body section of the '97 FSM? I only have the '96 version. Could someone shoot me the location?

I believe the T logo goes in the middle of the tailgate under the wiper on a 97. See if it fits there.
check out the pic of my 97 in the garage link right under my avatar - one of the images shows the back end of the truck. hope it helps.


Thanks! That is just what I needed.

Your 80 looks awesome - one of my favorite colors!

I've bought the same emblems. What are you going to do about the holes where the old emblem goes?
I bought a TRD emblem off ebay (I have a TRD supercharger) masked off the red/white bars, and hit it with tamaya smoke paint for polycarbonate RC cars, then, once it dried, removed the masking tape and put it over the holes where the original T went. It comes very close to matching the black pearl factory emblems.
I was thinking of the TRD emblem. I'll check it out.

Where did you guys find the Black Pearl emblems? I bought a 40th without them and have been looking for them.
I got mine from ebay. Search for Land Cruiser emblem.

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