U-Haul Trailer ok for 67 FJ-45 lwb

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Sep 27, 2006
Venice Ca.
Just purchased a 67 FJ-45.:) It is in Colorado, I am in So. Cal. Will a U-Haul car trailer be able to handle a 67 FJ-45 LWB :confused: I have the tow vehicle a Ford 4x4 w/powerstroke diesel.


I used a UHaul car trailer with the inertia trailer brakes built into it to haul mine home and it worked great. It was a heavy trailer, I believe around 2000lb.
I used a Uhaul tow dolly and disconnected the rear drive shaft. Tow vehicle was my wife's UZJ100 and I towed it over 800 miles I'm sure.

Worked perfectly fine.
Does anyone out there know of any other vehicle trailers I could rent?

I think the trailer be just fine, BUT YOU SAID A FORD TO PULL IT, good luck with your new toy.
Hope you get it home with your FORD HA HA.
Does anyone out there know of any other vehicle trailers I could rent?


Ask the guy who rolled his 80 and pig on his way from Idaho to Utah because of equipment failure with a U-haul trailer, I think the tongue of the trailer broke... me personally, I wouldn't tow a U-haul around the block!

I would however find a friend to borrow one from or find a reliable trailer to use that's been well maintained, trouble on the road is not fun, a good trailer that will get you and your 45 back safely is priceless!

Good luck and I wish you a good trip.
I towed my cruiser from Tacoma to Idaho with a rented uhaul trailer, no problems what so ever. But I made sure I inspect the trailer well before taking off with it. I used my own axle straps also, the ones on the trailer were crap.
Penske rents trailers.

The last time I checked if you tell the U-Haul people the size and weight of vehicle you want to tow they will fit you with the right trailer.

Some locations will not rent you a trailer unless you rent a big truck from them to pull it.

Some people aren't truthful when they rent a trailer to pull something as heavy as a land Cruiser. They get a light weight trailer.

Some employees of U-haul will rent you hat they have on the lot since the do not want to do an inventory transfer for a heavier trailer.

Good luck.
Mike, you didn't mention THIS on the phone.:doh:

I did a roadtrip with my RHD45 back in '98 and ended up with sooooooooo many parts in WY that the 45 was in mortal danger from the weight. I rented a U-Haul Truck and trailer in Rock Springs WY for the rest of the journey. U-Haul was VERY ambivalent about renting a CAR trailer for a truck.

I was lucky. Having also seen the MUD thread on the U-Haul that broke, I am even more ambivalent about recommending it.

Here's a thought. Mark Hawley's old trailer is still in SLC where he left it on his voyage to TX last month. It's for sale; pretty reasonable IIRC. Might just want to pick that up on the way out, use it, then resell it when you get back to L.A., where everything resells for more!

Keep me posted. See you Monday.;)
By the time you count the rental, fuel, risk, and miles on your rig, it may be cheaper and less risky to hire a hauling company (unless the 45 doesn't run - they stick you a good surcharge for non-driveable rigs). I agree that U-haul is a crap-shoot - sometimes you get the nicely maintaned stuff, and frequently you get the hard-used stuff. At least your tow vehicle has enough mass to do the job, should you chose to tow.
Here is the photo of my new rig. Can't wait to get it home to sunny So. Cal.


Ahh! My eyes! My eyes!
IDave : my relatives the Kurdy's owned a cabin on Payette Lake in McCall for years. I understand they sold recently. Definitely God's country.Beautiful placeMike
Mike, if you reconsider hiring a mover, ask me on Monday for the # of the guy that moved those 5 cruisers to my shop a few weeks ago. He said he does nationwide transports, and he was super cool to work with.

I may have to fence my front yard once that rig is at the shop.;p


I used a U-Haul dolly to pull my LWB from Detroit to N. Michigan on I-75 (about 250 miles) with no problems. I took off the driveshaft and used a 2.8 litreJeep Cherokee as the tow vehicle with no problems.
I used a U-Haul dolly to pull my LWB from Detroit to N. Michigan on I-75 (about 250 miles) with no problems. I took off the driveshaft and used a 2.8 litreJeep Cherokee as the tow vehicle with no problems.

:eek: :eek: :eek:

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

I was young and stupid once, and agreed to let my bud tow my swb45 from its graveyard in Riverside to my shop [appx 75 miles]....WITH HIS SWB45!!...WITH THE ORIGINAL F135!

I don't know what either of us was thinking.:doh:

When I bought my lwb, it was only 25 miles away. It ran.....and I still paid to have it towed. When I tore into the brakes, and puffs of dust came out of the rear wheel cylinders, I knew I had made the right choice.;)
Decided to bite the bullet and hire a transportation company. I went with Kiwi Karriers as they were recommended on the TLCA forum. Smaller company, hauls (3) cars at a time. A little more expensive but not much. Family owned and operated nice people, nice to have no broker bull.

Thanks for the replies.

just to give you an idea. one of my good friends is a manager of the uhaul out here in livermore. The biggest car-hauler they have has a load capability of 3000lbs. those trailers are pretty old so i wouldn't chance it over a long haul, unless you get a the type of trialer that you can only get two wheels on ( forgot what it was called). i towed my fj40 that way and unless a fj45 ( i don't know) is a little wider im sure it would be fine.

if i were u i would drive it home! haha

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