troubleshooting lx450

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Feb 8, 2004
Abilene Texas
On the way home this evening the 97 lx 450 started to act up.

Idles fine but any thing other than idle and it falls on its face. no power, cuts out etc.

I am checking the fuel filter now but need help to quickly troubleshoot this problem.

any help will be appreciated.

15 year old driving an LX? Wow, I think I was riding a bike at that age. Nice parents! ;)

Seriously, though, you're gonna need to give us a LOT more detailed info. about the symptoms before we can help you. "Now power, cuts out, etc." just ain't gonna cut it.

WAGs would be: cracked intake hose, plugs, wires.

I am actually 16's dad.

It will run mabe 3 or 4 seconds before it falls off like it is flooded or is not getting spark. The cat smells strong. No chk engine light. just started out of the blue. 100k miles. I have owned the last 15 months or about 12k miles. I dont know much on maintenance history.
More information

I have let it set for 45 min now and jumped in and no problem at all???

While it was acting up 10 mph was about all she would do.
can you acclerate slowly and have it run Ok but ifyou put in more throttle it then all of the sudden dies?

if so it sounds like the problem I had with the fuel pump realy, there was a recent thread by Loquito that has links to past threads abotu how to clean it.

but it laways sounds like the fuel pump relay to me and I am about 2 for 10 for it actually being it.

some other common engine problems are

cracks in the air inlet hose, remove it an examine it especially on the bottom.

also the wiring harness that passes near the egr pipe often gets cooked and damaged, more common in the earlier FZJ80's though.
PCV valve, Fuel Filter?

Try cleaning the Fuel Pump Relay like Raventai suggested.

BTW - Tate is probably about 17 now isn't he? How is he doing, he hasn't been on here in a while. Still have the cruiser? He or you could PM Woody and get the user name changed

Give me a call if you need my FSM. I am going to Dallas in the morning but could bring it by if you need it.

Alaska- no the "kid" doesn't drive a LX....just the NICEST 40 in town....which I think I'd rather have. :D

I saw Tate's 40 with the top on for the first it is nice looking!

I will post some pics one of these days. Tate is really busy and has not been on this site for some time. I will let him know that he is missed.
I'll bet a nickel, that if the plug wires are original, that a new set of OEM spark plug wires will fix it.

Thanks for the offer but everything is back to normal for right now. I plan on doing some maintenance this weekend. I will let you know if it happens again.


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