Tribute to valued CSC contributor: Chuy

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Mar 10, 2004
Scottsdale Arizona
We are very sorry to see Chuy stepping down from CSC sighting one of the only rules CSC has. He no longer owns a Toyota with a transfercase. We do hope for a quick return.

It has been 1.5 years that Chuy stepped up and offered to take on the CSC membership and CSC website. Having done it the old fashion way for the first 8 years I welcomed the change. With his contribution and set up of online membership application, CSC website, and a monthly meeting, the change to CSC has been huge. With an increased in membership by ~125 members in the last year and a half alone. WOW! In comparison it took us 8 years to get the first 175 members the old way.

Although Chuy was quietly working very hard in the background, his hard work will not be forgotten. We wish him the best with his new (to him) Nissan Xterra. Chuy, you are always welcome to attend CSC runs and monthly meeting. We look forward to seeing and wheeling with you again.

I want to personally thank you for bringing technology to CSC. It has been great help!

You have been a great CSC member and much of your hard work has transformed the club. While you may be in the XTerra group now, you are always welcome to join up with CSC and show off the capabilities of your new ride. Please try to stay in touch and check in on us once in a while.

Warmest regards and wheeling wishes


Thank you for all you have done for us!. Please stay in touch as its people like yourself that make this club worth it...Thanks again
Chuy, thanks for all you did towards the club. :cheers:

Come back from the dark side, Chuy!

:( at the sale of the 4x4, though
Thank you for all that you gave done, Chuy.

You will be missed.
Screw the rules, once a member, always a member.
I agree with BrotherRob.

A Polaris is rules to get ostracized..;)

A huge thanks to everyone in CSC for making my time with the club enjoyable. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot of new things while being apart of CSC. Thanks again guys and I will see you on the trails!
Chuy - great work making the online registration process so easy; I think I was one of the first 2-3 people that signed-up online, as you had us use our smart phones at the monthly meeting! We've definitely grown membership due to your efforts, and that kind of work behind the scenes is truly appreciated.

Best of luck with your new ride and hope to see you on the trail,
Thank you for all the registration and swag help Chuy!

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