Transmission Shake

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May 4, 2017
Florence, South Carolina
Long time no post. Hope everyone is doing well. I've picked up a vibration in my transmission as I release the clutch in 1st gear...other gears everything is still smooth. Anyone want to take a shot at a diagnosis? I'm sure whatever the reason it will be inexpensive and easy to fix.
I would start with the easy stuff first, check the rubber on the engine mounts, transmission mount and confirm all the bolts are tight. U-joints and slip yokes are in good shape.

Everything after that gets more costly for both time and money.
Not necessarily...
Clutch can still actually function with flywheel hot spots. And it’s possible for a newb wrench to replace a clutch without inspecting or removing a flywheel.

If anyone goes to the trouble to pull a tranny and does not go to the next step to replace everything they should get punched in the dick

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