Transmission problem, HELP!

Feb 12, 2004
Hi all, I'm in the northeast and it has been very cold recently. For some reason, it seems that my 2000 LC has been getting "locked" into 4 wheel drive. When it happens, I've tried to turn it off with the VSC switch but it doesn't respond. Eventually it goes off by itself. This has happened twice, once when I had actually turned the 4WD on (heavy snow) and then couldn't turn it off, and again when it seemed to go into 4WD by itself ( I'm pretty sure that I didn't accidentally do it). Has anyone had this problem? Could it be "freezing on"?

Thanks, CG


Hello My Name is: TAD
Aug 20, 2003
South Carolina
Couple of quick questions. Your LC is full-time 4wd so it should always be in 4wd. I believe you are talking about the center differential which has been known to get stuck once in a while. This would be the little green light that shows 4 wheels with an x in the middle. There have been a couple people that had problems with them coming on by themselves.

Have you tried pressing the button to engage/disengage the CDL (short for center diff lock) and then backing up slowly for 30 feet or so? If not try this. The button is right below the hazzard 4-way flasher button.

Driving on gravel, dirt or anything that has less grip than asphalt helps for it to unlock as well.

Try this and let us know what happens. I'm sure others will chime in.

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