transfer case staked nut removal

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A.K.A. TheCraftyGreek
Sep 26, 2005
OK, This is a pain in my arse.

The tranny and xfer case (4 speed) are out of the rig, I am seperating the two (selling the 4 speed btw). I have done this three times before so I know the steps etc, BUT...

The large nut under the cone that you remove on the back side of the transfer case seems to be indented on both sides locking it on the rear part of the shaft.

I dont recall having an issue taking it off the other rigs, but this one seems different. I also have the glory of not having the ability to lock the tranny from turning so I can get some leverage on this thing. Do I need to cut this thing off? Or grind out the little dents in it?
I always use the impact wrench to get it off.
I found that after driving a center punch in first and then a slightly larger punch to open the staked part, the nut came off w a reasonable amount of force. Of course, I had the drum and brake assembly on still. That might have made it a bit easier...

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