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UP of MI.
Jan 28, 2003
UP of Michigan
I just spent 4 hours cutting out exhaust, undoing a cross member and moving in to replace my transfer case with what I WAS TOLD was a 72 into my 70 FJ40. EVERYONE said this would work, including the guy I picked the case up from, however, the output shaft on the transmission is a coarse spline, and there was no way in hell I was going to get the finer splined gears to work with that.

I bought the case locally, and needless to say, I'm beating his f*cking ass when I drop it off, but I still need to fix my Cruiser.

BASIC Question:

what year transfer case will NOT work with the coarse spline shaft? 197? and UP???
I've got another case that I KNOW for a fact is a 72, but I haven't heard from the guy yet as to whether or not it's coarse splined.

Any help would be great, I'm about to drop the entire bottom side, sell my adapter kit and go with Dana front and rears. :-\
Changed to fine spline sometime in 1974!
If the '72 case is indeed a '72 case, the only way it would be fine splined is if someone converted it to fine spline so it would work with a 4spd. All transfer cases are coarse splined from the factory until you get one from a 4 spd in a '74. '74's with a 3 spd will be coarse, '74's with a 4 spd will be fine. From there on up its fine splined. Somethings up with your "72" case cause it should be coarse splined.
you should be able to go back to course spline(10spline) by getting a course spline input gear....anybody that has done a 3spd transfer to 4spd has the course spline gear kicking around and should be able to sell you...then your transfer case **should** work not problem...HTH


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