Transfer case rebuild-shims

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Jul 2, 2002
New Hampshire
I'm finally ready to reassemble my transfer case. Everythings clean, the case is welded and good to go, but I took it apart about thanksgiving time and I have a few questions. I was very careful not to discard anything when took the case the case apart, but looking at he parts breakdown on the SOR web site I don't seem to have the shim that goes at the end of the idler gear. I have the textured washers that go at each end, and of course have the new washers that came with my rebuild kit, but is it possible for it not to need this shim? And if it does take a shim, I would assume they come as a pack with different thicknesses for a bit of trial and error fitment. And if it does have a shim here, which end is this shim supposed to go on? Towards the rear of the case or the front? I also have a shim that seems to be the size of either the front output bearing or the rear output bearing. Both of these are pressed in place (and both are currently in my freezer) and i'm not sure what side of the bearing it's supposed to go on, or if it's supposed to go on the front or rear output, or if it goes someplace entirely different?
Put the idler gear in with the idler shaft and see where the gears line up with each other the shim usually goes to the rear of the shaft .You should check the tolerances with a feeler guage to make sure the thrust bearings and the shim are within spec. The other shim for the output also goes to the rear (all of the pre-load on the otput shaft comes from the rear in a one piece case) It goes in between the speedo housing and the rear output bearing. It's a good Idea to put a rebuild kit in while you have it apart.
Ken, the shim you are referring to was only used on the 4/75 and older t-cases. Assuming from your user name that you have a 79, your case did not come with them.



Mark A.
Thanks guys, hopefully i'll get this thing back together this week and in the truck this weekend. I wish I didn't have to wait until probably april for all the damn road salt to wash away so I could actually drive it too.

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