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Aug 14, 2019
Los Angeles, CA
Been putting together my spares for the trail--goal is to get to remote/hard areas of the Sierras, Utah, CO etc and be reasonably confident of getting out. Mix of wheeling and just general reliability (i.e. electrical stuff etc, not just axle/driveline.)

My rig is pretty well baselined, have a few odds and ends but all the major stuff I've hit in the past year or so.

Other threads I reviewed:
what "trail spares" do you carry
What's in the 80 for Rubicon
--and a few others I forgot--
Also big shoutout to @Deathvalleypaul who helped me get a lot of the spares together at a pretty reasonable price.

Here's the list, I've dropped in a lot of part numbers in case other people need to assemble or cross-reference a kit.

LX-450 Trail Spares

  • Fusible links (New) 90982-08264
  • Coil (Used) 90919-02209
  • Coil Wire (New) 90919-13436
  • Igniter (Used) 89621-26010
  • Fuel Pump Relay (New) 28380-66010
  • EFI Relay (New) 90987-02004-83
  • 2.0kW Used Starter (working when pulled)
  • Lithium Ion Jumpstarter

  • Hard line near front swaybar mount (used)
  • Single spare line (used)
  • Caliper bolt (90101-12144)
  • Passenger side knuckle*
  • Draglink with TREs
  • Wits’ End OEM Lower Knuckle Hardware Kit (KAN-3)
*I partially stripped my caliper mounting bolt on my existing knuckle about a year ago, so plan to swap out with the spare one next rebuild, is why I have the knuckle...but I figure if I have it I might as well keep it in the truck

  • Birf spare w/ tone ring (used)
  • Birf lockrings x2 90521-34005
  • Short side axle shaft (used)
  • Long side axle shaft (used)
  • Lock Washer 90215-42025
  • Knuckle spindle (used)
  • Spindle gasket 43435-60020
  • Drive Flange (used)
  • Drive Flange Cone Washer x2 42323-60010
  • Drive Flange Plate Washer x2 90201-08042
  • Drive Flange Studs x2 90116-08325
  • Axle nut set (lock nut/adjusting nut) 43521-60011
  • Drive flange gasket 43422-60060
  • Inner axle seal 90310-35010
  • Flange snap ring 90520-31007
  • Dust seal gasket 43436-60011

  • Spare rear driveshaft flange to flange w/ U-joints (used)
  • Wit’s end rear driveshaft hardware kit

  • About 6’ of both sizes of Gates green stripe hose (⅝” and ½”)
  • Spare hose clamps
  • One quart oil
  • One quart ATF
  • One gallon coolant
  • One pint DOT3
  • Usual suspects including breaker bar, sockets, wrenches
  • modified 54mm socket
  • multimeter
  • magnet on a stick
  • good snap ring pliers
  • handle of whiskey
I've highlighted all the front axle stuff I've got in green (this is @DARKNESS 's awesome cheatsheet.)

Specific questions:
  • Should I be carrying bearings? I replaced all of my front ones when I redid the knuckle a year ago, but didn't keep the old ones :bang:
  • Should I be carrying belts? I redid them three months ago as they looked tired.
  • Radiator hoses? Also < 1 year old, so was thinking I could probably patch with tape and top off periodically if I did manage to get one cut or something...but curious if there is a failure mode people have seen I'm not thinking of.
  • Front driveshaft? I've only ever scratched up my rear one so far but I haven't hit trails as hard as I'm hoping to yet
  • Any major failure points in the rear axle I should be ready to deal with "out there"?
  • Anything else obvious I'm forgetting? Anything in here that seems totally pointless and overkill?

Right now this stuff takes up one Pelican 1520 case, plus about 16" of drawer space in one of the rear drawers (axle shafts are tucked behind the quarter panel plastic.) I haven't found a great home for the drag link yet but it can probably live in one of my roof top cases for now.

Nov 27, 2003
great reference, thanks!
below are good if you have the space- it's all overkill, but hey, most if not all can be used parts that you were going to toss anyway.

- I believe front and rr bearings are the same... carry a couple(I think inner and outer are diff part #s)- pre-pack w grease and wrap in plastic. and the rear seal
-carry your old belts.
-carry old formed coolant hose and something to repair hose (power steering hose too)
Maybe some silicone tape would work.
*If the belt(s) were to snap and cut the coolant hose or trans/ps lines, have a plan.
Yes, that's a one in million worst case scenario.

-probably only need one spark plug wire (the longest one)
-lengths of wire (14ga or something), multimeter, all your generic fuses
-bailing wire and ratchet straps

-extra lugbolts (not just the nuts)
-replacement lower rear shock bolts

Don't think you need a starter. Usually the contacts wear, and once rebuilt, should be good.
Li-Ion jumper is good but a super cap jumper is better- no battery issues.

*all your axle parts/birf/knuckle are good for Rubicon or crawling trails but if you want to save space, this is pretty low risk weight savings
*If you will be carrying water, I would have a jug of oil rather than coolant. If you need oil, there is no replacement on the trail.
If you need coolant, you can use water. save weight.
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Aug 14, 2019
Los Angeles, CA
At this point just tow a second truck behind you.
I mean that would give me a lot more space for spare parts, wouldn't it? ;)
The list looks long but it really doesn't take up that much space.

this is the stuff in the drawers (birf, tools, compressor, jump starter)

and this is the Pelican case with most of the rest of it (all the axle and electrical parts except the shafts.)

The fluids are mostly stashed on the left side of the drawers.

@FirstToy thanks for the suggestions!


Battle Ground, WA
Jan 29, 2014
Battle Ground
I have baselined my 93 very thoroughly and still carry every part that could strand me dead. Starter, alternator, circuit opening relay along with others you listed. I also carry a spare ecu and AFM, belts, hoses, clamps, JB Weld, Drive flanges, tie rod ends Etc. Broken down at 0300 in the middle of nowhere ain’t my thing.
Aug 14, 2019
Los Angeles, CA
alternator, circuit opening relay along with others you listed. I also carry a spare ecu and AFM, belts, hoses, clamps, JB Weld, Drive flanges, tie rod ends Etc.

Yeah you make me feel like I’m not crazy!
What is the circuit opening relay? And I hadn’t thought about alternator, ECU or AFM. Hmm.
Aug 14, 2019
Los Angeles, CA
It’s impossible to know what will be needed.
Yeah, I know I'm guessing here, and also playing the odds between "what I know how to do at home with access to the Internet" and "what I can figure out on the trail" but I'm just trying to stack the deck as much in my favor as possible. I have a 2017 Tacoma I bought new that I can take out if I don't want a sense of adventure but I find I just like driving my 80 better. Appreciate the input, am going to investigate the COR now. 👍
Aug 28, 2014
Santa Cruz
I’ll add a few more that I keep that haven’t been mentioned.
-front and rear set of brake pads
-all fuses, accessory and OEM
-oil cap
-gas cap
-headlight bulbs
-exhaust cushion
-HD zip ties
-bailing wire
-vacuum hose
-various wire and wire ends
-starter contacts
-moly grease
-mini grease gun with wheel bearing grease loaded

most of these mention aren’t leave you stranded things, but more maintenance on the road or trail type stuff. I think most of the serious parts have already been mentioned. Electrical, ignition, driveline, wheel, axle stuff.
Nov 1, 2009
South Central PA
I saw it was mentioned earlier, but I will stress that getting off the trail is only half the battle. Get the AAA Premier package. It allows one tow per year of 200 miles or I think 3 tows of 100 miles. I've used mine to help friends get home when broken down. If a wheeling partner can get you back to a road, AAA can get your rig somewhere to get fixed.
Dec 10, 2007
Sat phone or emergency locator beacon with txt capability, MRE/survival type food, water (enough for a week), sleeping bag warm enough for the coldest night, firearm for protection. Complete all PM before you leave.

Aug 14, 2019
Los Angeles, CA
@Cass007 good insight on getting home vs getting off the trail, and yes I do have AAA Premiere.

@Kernal I got an InReach Mini for solo backpacking trips a few years back, and keep the service current and take it for our camping trips too--but yeah, good thing to highlight.

@fjbj40 I agree, I'm trying to make sure I trial any of the repairs before thinking I could pull it off on the trail (part of the reason I have no parts for the rear axle, haven't cracked into it yet so would probably be a bit lost.)

Appreciate everyone's perspective.

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