Toyota Trails late

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May 7, 2006
Kelowna, BC
I was wondering how many others are still waiting for their lastest Toyota Trails issue?
Still waiting...
Me too...
OK -- then it looks like Bill got an early copy --my guess because he was a joint author of the Chilcotin article.
They send me copies early because the club coordinators get them to distribute to new members to introduce the mag to prospective new TLCA members.
still waiting as well
I'm waiting too. Maybe I might get 2 this month?????
Nice to see that, after all these years, some things never really change...

Pester your tlca rep to look into this for you! ;)
Pester your tlca rep to look into this for you! ;)

I don't think John's in a chapter club... so he'd need to pester his International rep? :grinpimp:

Really though, it's still nothing like the old days. Trails has been arriving more or less on time on schedule for a LONG time now.
Got mine today. Bill and Matt did a good job with the Chilcotin expedition write-up.
Was hoping the picture of Bill's favourite was in -- the tall 6' cowgirl at the rodeo who 'spits' was in the write-up, but sadly no.
Here she is, the cowgirl of my dreams::princess:
Lucky horse!

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