eBay Toyota CB40m CB Radio with Original Mic

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Mar 1, 2022
Pinon Hills
United States
Toyota CB40m with original Mic. Comes with magnetic antenna and speaker! Seems like rare item, get it while you can!

Agree with above. And Pinion Hills is nowhere near Monrovia.
Nice product but you joined MUD this week and you have 6 transactions on eBay. Might be hard to get someone to pop on a $400+ item without much history on either site.
Sold for 750 to someone who restores 79-83 pickups in Texas. These comments didn't age well, but I understand your concern!
Recently found out it's the original speaker monitor and antenna!

does the CB unit work ?

have u tested it in any way

i am VERY interested in what you have here please

i am a serious potential buyer

Please verify its correct function via a cell phone video , and i WILL Purchase it from you

do u know how to hook it up and do this if NOT i can help you youi make sure u hook it up correctly and dont fry it burn it up ny not hooking up correct ?

thanks for your time here


PM sent

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