cb radio

  1. EddieDLO

    Rugged Radios Vs CB radio

    hows it going everyone, I'm the new guy from Rancho Cucamonga. whats the word on the trail? I'm new to this scene, im coming from the sandrail scene/ desert riding where everyone is using a UHF/Vhf frequency type of radio. Rugged Radios or PCI radios have over 20ish different frequency to...
  2. BlueSteelGX470

    For Sale CB Radio Setup, Wilson Antenna + UnidenPro505XL

    Hey there selling my CB radio SetUp pictured bellow. Available for local pick up in Oceanside, San Diego. Both items are like new and selling as a kit asking $70.00 Message me if interested. UnidenPro505XL by BlueSteelGX470 posted Jun 9, 2018 at 1:35 PM Wilson Trucker 200 CB Antenna with 5in...
  3. aaronrules

    Tell me if I'm missing anything

    Hey guys. I put together an Amazon list for stuff I need to put a CB in my truck. Can you all go look at it and tell me if I'm missing anything? You can critique what I have on there a little, but please only for performance reasons. Not something like "I'll never use this because only...
  4. YSG2017

    Wanted Working CB40F - OEM Toyota CB Radio w mic

    Anybody have a working, complete with original mic, decent condition late '70s Toyota CB40F, OEM CB Radio sitting around in one of your parts piles or boxes you are not using? Would be huge bonus if you have the radio cut-out relay for it also! If so, please contact me. Thank-you kindly...
  5. mulchiro

    CB mounted above/to rear view mirror

    Forgive me if someone has touched on this but I couldn't find anything in a search. I was pretty stoked to get a Uniden 520 to do the CB ashtray mod all to find out that the 91 ashtray is too small. Oh well, should have read more... I know I can mount different CBs in the dash under my...
  6. Dragos80

    New(ish) small size CB Radio

    I found this very small sized radio which is not offered in US, but can be bought online. It looks like it would be a better fit inside the ash tray location, being way smaller than the Uniden 510. This one comes in at 4" x 4" x 1". Not a lot of bells and whistles, but not terribly expensive...
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