Towing w/40

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Mar 27, 2003
Georgia Tech
I just installed a 4" lift on my FJ40, so far no universal joint problems. My mechanic swears up and down that I will have some. I have been greasing the shiznit out of the joints, basically pumping through new grease until all the old is out, and then wiping away excess. &nbsp:Do you yall think pulling a 400lb atv on a 500lb utility trailer for about 2.5 hours at 65 mph twice in one day is asking for universal joint failure? ???
i don't know yet, but i pull a trailer with a z400 and a 300ex(each just under 400#) on. and i also have 4 inches. i doubt that you(we) will see much or any excellerated wear on the u joints from towing.
mine has had the same joints since about "95 or so however i've only been towing with it a few months now, but i don't think that will be much of a problem.
the u joints may wear faster but shouldn't explode because of that
the u joints may wear faster but shouldn't explode because of that
I'm gonna end up with new ujoints at some point in the future anyway, cause I'm getting custom new axles, I'm just worried about gettin the 2.5 hours up there and back. If one busted couldn't I take one off the front and throw it on the back?
Maximum Braked Trailer Weight = 2,000kg
Maximum Unbraked Trailer Weight = 750kg
Maximum Ball Weight = 100kg

The main problem is ball weight, So position the ATV just slightly to the rear over the Axle. :slap:
Well I just got back, pulled it without a problem, I really don't know where those maximum tongue weights come from, I weigh over 100kg and I stand on the tongue all the time. Anyway, I have a small problem with my rear brakes locking up so I had the atv a little forward and all was good for 5 hours of highway haulin today. My MPG went out the window, I used to be able to make it to the mountains on a quarter tank, it took an entire tank this time around.

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