Timing chain question on 1FZ re-assembly

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Mar 1, 2006
Wayzata, Minnesota
Hey mudders,

Reassembling the 1FZ in the garage after a head job and bearings. Have engine at TDC 0 degrees. Head timing marks on camshaft gears are also matching together with timing chain on and oil pump cover installed. Does it matter where the marks I put on the chain are at, or is it just important that the crank and the cams are in sync?

In other words, do I have to pull the oil pump cover, clean all the RTV off, and reset the chain? I didn't think so but wanted to confirm.
This happens on 22R's and 3Vz's all the time...

The marks are more for initial installation orientation and will not line up again (or within a # of revolutions) once the engine is rotated...

I'd put them on and rotate it a few good times and as long as they are all at TDC, then you're good...
well, when you install the chain per the service manual it will not be at top dead center according to the front fly wheel. I fact the timing mark on the fly wheel will be about an inch clock wise from that on the front cover.

If you are concerned about the timing you can do what I did. Rotate the crank until the silver link is lined up with the timing mark on the cam sprocket. Then pull the crank pulley and if need be the oil seal and check the bottom link to the crank sprocket.
Thanks Tank. Will Do! I guess I have to clean my timing chain better than I have to this point!! :hmm: So close, but so far away!

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