Tie Rod Ends, Armor, and Carnage OH MY!

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Jul 26, 2013
Show Low AZ
Hey folks I'm looking for some local help around a few parts for my rig. Its a '96 TLC and most of the mods are listed in my signature.

Frist - Tie Rod Ends
I'm looking for Tie Rod ends for my steering. I've got a run coming up in late Feb-2015 and I tore up a tie rod end last weekend. I'd just assume that I would be replacing them all and keep the good ones as trail spares. I believe 4 is what I'd need.

Is there brand that you think does a good job?
Should I replace the Steering dampener at the same time? (Its still the stock part)?
Does anyone have a list of the four tie rod end part numbers?
I'm looking at this, good or bad? (http://www.fjparts.com/90-98-land-cruiser-fj80-fzj80-tie-rod-end-kit-left-hand-drive-p-959.html)

Second - Armor and skids I have none...
Mr. Bump It (Mike) is making me up some sliders, so I should be good there (http://bumpitoffroad.com/80-step-sliders.html)
I'm looking to Slee for my C-Diff Tranny Skid (http://www.sleeoffroad.com/products/products_80belly_main.htm)

However I can't seem to find a rear diff skid plate and am wondering if there are other armor parts I should be looking at. My Front diff took a whack this weekend, so I'm wondering if there are other armor parts I should consider. Any advice / help is appreciated.

Thanks! Matt
X2 on what Jackson said, Iron Pig makes a nice product if it in stock.
Stock tie rods are durable. The most vulnerable bits underneath are the rear drive shaft, rear control arms and front sway bar mounts on the axle.

With some good bumpers, you can do some serious wheeling without threatening anything critical.
Thanks for the TIPS -

Tie Rod Ends - I think I'll just go with O'rileys with a Lifetime warrantee on them
Tranny Skid - I've reached out to Slee about their skid its currently out of stock so I'll reach out to IPOR
Rear Contorl Arms - From the write up I'll reach out to Mountain Cruiser (Tony) about them

Front Bumper - I found this kit for sale, it looks pretty good but I haven't seen his stuff yet -- http://www.relentlessfabrication.us...-winch-bumper-kit/p/23997276/category=5651146
X3 on cruiseroutfitters for the TREs - Kurt has the best combination of quality, price and customer service
I agree with others, going with a better TRE than O'reilly lifetime. The oem on mine are original and still in good shape after 20 years. I think a broken TRE on the trail with a warranty in the glove box =:bang:
If you are ordering from BIO, let me know a time frame. I may be interested in their skid plate and we can save a couple bucks combining shipping...thx
Thanks for all the tips...

Sliders - I've chatted with Mike at BIO over these past months. Right now it looks like he's got a full plate and I've got a Mid-Feb Deadline for all parts to my door. For this trip I wanted to ensure I had the sliders and that is something he can currently deliver. So he is currently making me a set of sliders and they should be shipped soon.

Tie Rods - I'll reach out to cruiseroutfitters on the TREs

Slee Skid Plate - Looks like it'll be in stock by EOW and they can delivered it by mid-feb.
Quick update...

Sliders are on their way from BIO
Tie Rods are in, and I got the EMU Steering absorber as well
Slee Skid plate is here and I just need to put it on
Drop down Tire carrier is ready to be installed https://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/bolt-on-together-rear-tire-carrier.833682/

I reached out to Mountain Cruiser about the RLCA's but never heard back, anyone have an alternate contact for him?

Its going to be a busy weekend... thanks!
You don't need LCAs until you wheel it.
Thats that plan... 6 Day 4x4 trip coming up... should be light duty trails but I'd still rather do this all at the same time.

Also, I scratched up my rear diff on a rock last week and I can't seem to find a rear diff skid plate... Anyone know of one that fits an 96 FZJ80.
Keep scratching it, they're very tough. The LCAs are not mission critical. I bent mine in Moab and drove on it another two years.

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