The first month was fun!

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Mar 27, 2003
Somewhere in the foothills...

Our first month here on ih8mud has been a lot of fun and those of us that frequent the 80s section really appreciate your rescue of this group from the ashes of what was the SOR forum. We also appreciate the time and work it takes to keep this running smoothly.

Thanks also to Gumby; he's been a great moderator and participant in this section.

As Jim would say... Cheers!

MORE than welcome....we (meaning me and the gang) are working on more changes/updates to what goes on. We've mostly weathered the increased traffic, and hopefully some of the things we are looking to in the future will make things just that much better! alone is averaging almost 84,000 hits per DAY in April with over 800 visits per day average and is running at over 2.3 million hits for the month of April thus far! :eek:

118,000 hits on the 21st of April alone...

yikes.... :beer:
Yeah, Woody, but how many of the 118k hits was wench?

Seriously - thanks. Hadn't ever really poked around here much, but now I hardly ever go to any of the other sites.

Thanks for putting up with us.
I'll second Beo's comments! Thanks to Woody and Gumby for this great community.
Yeah, Woody, but how many of the 118k hits was wench?

(checks my log....)

looks to be about 92,415, and climbing....dayum! lol
We appreciate it Woody!
A hearty thanks here too (and a shameless pad as well ::) )

&nbsp:Dan :beer:
I will simply say (in my best southern Utah drawl)
Grassy Ass
Dave :beer:
Agreed---thanks Woody! At first I was concerned because from home I was having problems getting in, but that was resolved quickly (and a personal note, to boot!) and now I like this setup quite a bit more than the SOR forum, in large part because of the other forums here (Chit Chat, Trail Runs, etc.).

FYI, "hits" is not a good measurement of site usage (though is a reasonable measurement of overall site activity), but visits is. A hit is anytime a file is pulled from the server, so the page plus every file referenced on it (each graphic is one file). For example, here I add five more hits everytime someone reads this thread:

:) ;) :D :D :eek:

Regardless, there's a lot of activity and your support and great efforts are much appreciated! :G (had to add one more hit, you know!)

yes a heartfelt thanks goes out to woody for taking the time to include us 80's kinda people in his "world"

yea..."woodys world" thats definately a place i like to visit!!!!!

Yeah, thanks woody! I have learned alot about Thongs and the newbie salute
Add another heartfelt 'thanks' to the list!
I too would like to give a Thanks :beer:

SOR's constant mothering was kind of a drag, I mean we should be able to say what we want? That is except for Wench 8)
Woody, were you ever able to pull anything off those SOR cd's? or did I miss that post.

Thanks to IH8MUD and Woody for the great forum, and thanks to all the members who make it work.
I would also like to thank Woody for this great site. THANK YOU. It was great to be taken in off the street, me being an 80/100 guy from SOR. :G


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