testing gauges

Oct 22, 2002
Durango, Colorado
Fuel, Oil Pressure, Water temp. Find the specs on the sending units (toyota repair manual) and measure the signals in ohms. If the guages respond accordingly then they are working. If the signal never changes then sending unit is bad. The spedo is mechanical so it pretty much works or it does not. If not your spedo cable is probably broken. I don't know a safe way to test the ammeter. It should read slighly possitive if your electrical system is working correctly. Dead center when ignition turned off. I hope this helps.
Sep 8, 2002
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if i am not mistaken you can easily test your temp gauge by removing the wire on the sending unit and grounding it and if your gauge goes all the way hot that means that your gauge is working and i think that you can do that with your fuel gauge also by grounding the sending unit the gauge should go all the way full. as far as you voltage gauge just measure the volts coming out of you alt and it should be the same as your gauge in the dash. hope this helps good luck :cheers:

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