T-Totall saganaw Fn' confused Please Help

Jun 11, 2005
Hope, Arkansas
Made a junk yard run today I left with nothin but questions :doh: I read OFF-ROAD.COM'S Land Cruiser Tech by Eric Stegall He said he used a steering box off of a 1968 Impalla. But I read some where else that you needed a box that came from a vehicle that had the tie rods behind the box. on the '69 Impalla and the '67 Impalla I found the tiue rods were in front of the box. I looked at a '85 Camaro and a '90 caprice these have the tie rods to the rear and mount to the inside of the frame. Will on of those work? I know some have said to use one from a Jeep But they are rare in junk yards around here. Please list years and models of vehicles with a steering box that would work.

Sorry to sound like a dummy but I need a little Help



total rice
Nov 24, 2004
Heart of Dixie
Any full-size rear-wheel drive domestic car from the 60-80's with the steering box inside the frame rails. GM trucks' boxes look identical except they are mounted outside the frame rail. These will not work. Up to 80 used flare-type fittings, 80 and later the metric o-ring type. These are very, very common in every boneyard I have been to. Go to Advanceadapters.com and order a free catalog.
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