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Don't tell me you were at the Blue Ridge Reservoir again? I was in the area again until Tuesday. I was hauling brush off the property with the trailer that just got fixed. Thanks again.:cheers: While at the Blue Ridge Ranger Station on Tuesday and was informed the reservoir was being drained so SRP could do some work.

If you coming again any time let me know might have some rims you could be down. I also have plenty of rakes for cleaning pine needles and oak leaves:rolleyes:
Here a few pictures of the trailer in action. Still need to figure out something about the tail lights but is was nice to be hauling pines needles and oak leaves from around the cabin with all the fires going right now.
We sweat every summer until the rains start but looking out your window and seeing this makes the risk worth while. Last Sunday Morning taken from the kitchen window:cheers:
Third pic is me in the entrance to a lean to with a nicely built fire pit, that my buddy and I found behind the San Francisco Peaks, complete with a note from the builder.

What did it say?
Have not ben there for a while, can you get a small trailer near the lake ( I have a 12' fishing boat) or must you carry it down?
Have not ben there for a while, can you get a small trailer near the lake ( I have a 12' fishing boat) or must you carry it down?

Most the time you can launch a boat off the ramp. A four wheel drive would help. pretty steep ramp. Because the res. now belongs to SRP and the plan use is to provide water to the Payson and surrounding around the res. is being drained down to do some work on the pump inlet according to the Blue Ridge forest office. Probably need to check with SRP since it now belongs to them.
Have not ben there for a while, can you get a small trailer near the lake ( I have a 12' fishing boat) or must you carry it down?

I have launched at Blue Ridge several times with a 2wd truck and our 14' alm fishing boat. Our last launch was our canoe with the all wheel drive Highlander. Just make sure you back down dont try to turn around at the bottom.
Glad to hear that you landed on your feet in cooler weather. The cabin looks like a fun little project. Be careful with those chainsaws, especially if you are working alone. Where abouts are you in Colorado?

Happy Trails,
Silverton, loving the mornings waking up to 50 degree temps on the hill only to come into town to take off the hoodie for the 60's and 70's.

I'm extra careful with the saw, but I have a hell of a first aid kit and a pain script for my back which I save for emergency use only, like if or when I cut myself and have to drive down the hill in 4 lo.:grinpimp: Nobody to help me but me up there.
Sounds like heaven to me! I spent years cutting firewood in Wyoming. By myself. I was damn lucky/careful, and never got hurt by the saw or the trees. Worst thing that happened was when my saw died early in the day. No fixie!! So, I broke out my 3/4 axe and 24" bow saw and finished cut up the load. I usually got 1.5 cords per trip. John
Paradise... :D
I'm going to be up in Silverton the first week of August. Would love to see the boards you make if I get the chance. Sounds like a lot of snow this year. Maybe I'll try taking my skis again and seeing if I get the chance to use them on some of the mountains and having a friend drive the cruiser down.
So I take it Hart Pairie is no longer in the future?

So what's up with the chain saw anyway? Is this a new way of gold mining? Looking for gold in the fir trees?:hmm:

Tony, the pull of Silverton has finally lured you back to where your heart and mind wanted to be. Glad you made it happen. Looks great, keep us in the loop with your adventures and progress.

Phil's trip documentation through his snorkel recently inspired me, put a little twist on it and added my dogs.

Blue Ridge Reservoir and 2 at Fossil Creek.

Took a day trip to BRR today for some fishing with son. Lake is low but still vey nice. Did see one plume late in the day, but the hots shots were right there.
blue ridge 003.jpg
blue ridge 005.jpg
blue ridge 007.jpg
It does - You guuys want to hear a story that will make you sick? In 1990 I had a chance to buy 5 acres on the ridge over looking BRR for $30k and thought it was just too much money and let er go. The view was to the south and you could see for 50 miles in all directions........What the heck was I thinking.

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