Stock Height?

Jul 30, 2003
I have 76 FJ40 and I need to replace the springs on her. I like what hieght she's at right now, but I have no idea what height the PO had her lifted to. If anyone knows what the stock hight of a 76 FJ40 with zero lift is, I'd appreciate the knowledge. Likewise, it would be good to know where this is measured from/to, and what size tires are supposed to be used for this measurment.

Thanks in advance!
Mar 14, 2003
Gig Harbor WA
for a 77fj40 with hard top

height is 76" this is with H78x15 tires, about 28" tall(235/75's were not available back then, that would be for a fj60)

info from 77 brochure.

John H

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