Sticky accelerator pedal

Sep 2, 2003
accelerator pedals? I have 97 and my acc pedal is sticky and it is not smooth pressing. I tried WD40, graphite liquid to the throttle cable but no cure. Any of you experienced this and found solution? Or is this another LC trick?


Mar 27, 2003
Below the Mackinac bridge
Did you unhook the cable at the intake end, hold it up, and pour the graphite down the cable? It's pretty easy, and the cruise control cable and kickdown cable to the tranny can also be lubed. Much more important is cleaning the throttle body with throttle body cleaner. Not choke cleaner, that can damage sensors. The throttle plate gets gunked up with oil fumes from the crankase vent just upstream of it. My wife's was sticking bad from this when I bought it. Access it by removing the duct to the air cleaner, use an old toothbrush to clean the plate and throttle body. Cleaning the throttle cables didn't do much for me, cleaning the throttle body made a big difference. My brother in Idaho had similar results, others as well.

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