Sterling 10.25 or 10.5 how strong are they? (1 Viewer)

Jun 5, 2006
Colorado Springs, CO
So I have done a little reading and I have seen some people running these on their rigs and they aftermarket support is growing but how well do they do? I am picking up a front D-60 HP and Sterling 10.25" or 10.5" rear. Not sure which one it is. It is out of a 95 Ford F-350 single wheel. Gearing is 3.54. I know the d-60 front will hold up with 38" plus tires but what about the Sterling. It is huge with 35 splines axles but I have read a little about the weak casing and a weak pinion shaft. Anyone know much more about it? If a 14bolt is a much smarter move I might sell the Sterling and get one of them 14b instead.

I'd love the input


Sep 18, 2004
Back in Vegas
The only issue I have heard of is the housing spinning on the tubes under very large torque loads. There are truck pull guys putting over 1000hp and 1500ftlb's of torque thru stock axles.

They are just as strong as 14b's and Dana 70's. Each axle has its drawbacks.

The only difference between the 10.5's and 10.25's is the ring gear. all parts are interchangeable.

I have an 02' axle with a detroit in my 60 and so far its a great axle. Someday I'll install a set of 5.38's which are the lowest gears available.

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