Stalling issues

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May 1, 2013
Ontario, california
Current problem - Car sputters when driving or even at idle. Eventually stalls at.

Attempted resolution - changed spark plugs, wires , cap and rotor and fuel filter.

Change in problem - None

What do u think could be the problem?
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Intake tube cracked somewhere in the ribs. Maybe.
Fuel sock on fuel pump inside tank.....

Dirty injectors
Bad tank of fuel
Fuel pump relay
Lots more options.....

Please state make, model, year, and engine.... That helps ALL of us.....maybe recent repairs, did it happen all at once, or did it slowly decline to this?

Improper ratios of fuel, air and spark and possibly at the wrong time.
Here is a video of whats going on : Once again, I just changed the spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor, and fuel filter - View My Video

Sorry guys.. didnt know how to host the video properly. Tried attaching it to this post but chrome laptops prevent me from doing so.
Subd same problem.
93 Land cruiser. Stock
Did a tune up (distr.., plugs, air filter etc)
New fuel filter
New fuel pump

Same headache
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I'm not a 3F expert but on my 1FZ I had a kinda similar issue, read about it here:

I would clean the Fuel Pressure relay, replace the fuel pump resistor (don't know if the 3f had this) and I would take every electrical connector appart that you can see fromt eh engine bay and under the truck, clean with brake cleaner (spray directly into the connector) then blow out with compressed air - wear safety glasses unless you enjoy pain - then goop in dielectric grease into the female side and reconnect.

Thats fairly cheap to do and fixes a lot of issues.

The way it stalls seems like an electrical issue. Will it start right back up? Any recent run ins with deep water, or moisture?

On second thought does the 3f have a MAF? Could be unmetered air. @Kaid000 You need to check your rubber intake pipe for leaks, it runs between the engine and the air box. If there are leaks the MAF sensor will not see that air and not allow the engine enough fuel to stay running at idle (you can usually keep your foot in the throttle to keep it running but as soon as you let it idle it will die).
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A small leak in the intake tube or a vacuum leak will cause poor idle.
A large tear in the intake tube can cause the engine to stall at idle and run poorly. (Not enough air flow through the AFM)
2 sensors will cause a 3FE to stall. The AFM and the TPS. You can pretty much unplug all the other sensors in the system and she'll keep going, just not real well.
Since the AFM is the ground path for the fuel pump, I would start in that area.
if i try and start it immediately back up, it will try to turn over but with no success. if i wait a few seconds then it will start up. @ SmokingRocks - Even if i press down on the gas pedal,while its trying to stall out. it will still stall out.
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find your fuel pump relay, unplug it. Figure out which wire is the + hot wire, then use a jumper lead from the battery to that port to direct power the fuel pump. Try to start and see if the problem persist.
find your fuel pump relay, unplug it. Figure out which wire is the + hot wire, then use a jumper lead from the battery to that port to direct power the fuel pump. Try to start and see if the problem persist.
It's a 3FE.
You can bypass the fuel pump logic by jumping B+ and FP on the diagnostic connector on the firewall. This should only be used for diagnostics as the fuel pump will continuously run with the key in the ON position even with the motor off.


The fuel pump relay is called the circuit opening relay on a 3FE. There is no FP resistor.

Relay block DS.jpg
ok... so ill be trying that this week.. Now IF the fuel pump seems to run successfully, you think i should start looking at sensors. I checked out the air intake hosing and couldnt see anytihng out of place. I would basically like to self diagnose this problem before bringing it into a shop. Actually i would bring it to a shop but i only want to bring it to someone that knows the landcruisers or toyota's in general. I am located in Ontario,California near riverside,chino. Anyone know of any trusted shops within 30-50 miles of that area?
This basically eliminates the fuel pump as part of the problem or the problem itself. This is the first step to diagnosis that a shop would do and charge money for.

If it stays running while you've got the logic bypassed then we will work up the line on the electrical side of the fuel pump. But at least we will know that the pump is Ok and that it is an electrical issue on the fuel side. If the problem persist then it could be an issue with the pump itself (I think that's unlikely in this situation but is possible) or more likely something else electrical. In the event this doesn't keep the truck running then we will troubleshoot a different system until we get a result.

This first level of troubleshooting is to start pinpointing the issue, None of us can tell you what to start looking at as suspect until we get a better idea of what is going on. Better to take the time and test rather than throw new parts at a problem when you're unsure of the culprit.
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How about a little history on this problem.
Was the truck fine one day and bad the next or was this a gradual progression?
Was ANYTHING done under the hood before this problem existed?
it was fine... never had a problem with the vehicle shutting off. One day it was driving fine the very next day the problem started.

Smoking Rock - i will do exactly what you stated to do as of tomorrow. (its better than bringing it to a shop and them charging me for mutliple things that were necessarily irrelevant to what the primary issue was)

I did notice today that when i started it up, it seems as though it idles for almost the exact amount of time ( roughly 30 seconds) before shutting off no matter high many times i restart it.

As i stated earlier, i changed the spark plugs,wires,cap and rotor,fuel filter. So by tuesday i will let you know what has happen the first step Smoking Rock has stated that i do first.

Also, i just want to say thanks everyone for giving me the advice and support, so far, on this situation.. its very appreciated.

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