Springtail MPAC 1977 FJ40 Build

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What an amazing looking 40. Good to see an update too!
Jebus that's a lot of wires! Lookin good Doc!
Starting to look even better
Lookin good Doc
Looking good Doc!
Good timing Doc, I was just thinking about your build. Looking nice.
Yeah, it has been gone (to Complete Offroad) for so long that I forget about it sometimes. They are doing a great job with the wiring and finishing details...and of course, the little issues that pop up. Kevin has been driving it....I told him to do so as much as he wants so there will be less likely issues to pop up when I get it back.

I haven't contacted you in a while. Do you still have the 77? It is really not the same truck that I owned but I have a soft spot for it. It started my love for Land Cruisers.
Hey, thanks for the update. I have wondered what happened to the build. Looks good, I'm still running the bumper that was on it when you first got it.


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