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Feb 28, 2010
SO Oregon
That should work, just with any bike rack, the higher up it goes relative to the swing outs, the more likely it is to interfere. I chopped out the crossmember and built a beefier one to get the hitch up another 4-6” or so. I built a rear bumper for my 1st gen and brought the hitch up so much that I had to shorten the limits on the tailgate so it wouldn’t fold down into it. Just something to consider
I’ll have to look into that rack if I can’t get the 1up to work the way I want. I can’t bring myself to put the spare back underneath. The 305 fits under there a lot differently than the factory spare and it would look pretty goofy. I think I’m going to switch to a 2” hitch dropper from the 4”. I’ll probably have to trim the tab that sticks down from the swing arm to clear it but at least I’ll get a couple inches of clearance back.


Land Crushers
Feb 9, 2014
Phx, Arizona
Ohhh, 4 bikes.... I missed that little tidbit. I don't think I'd mount 4 bikes on that either. Too much leverage and weight... unless you relocated the spare and Hi-lift and brought the 4 bikes in closer to the body.

especially when it's 4 bikes totally around $20k..... my solution... the 100 isn't for moving bikes.

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