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Mar 29, 2003
St. Louis Area
Can anyone tell me the socket sizes of:
1. Transfer case drain and fill plugs
2. Differential drain and fill (front and rear)
3. Transmission drain

I would like to do this service myself and have smaller size sockets. Just wanted to get what I need.

Also, how difficult is it to get to the engine block drain plug when doing a coolant flush? Is it necessary?

Thanks in advance
Steve 94 FZJ80 (105M)
I don't know the sizes offhand, a manual would have that. But I would recommend if you are going to continue doing maintenance to go ahead and buy a full metric and SAE ratchet set, a 75 piece or so from Craftsman would work great and last a lifetime. I have craftsman sockets+ratchets that my dad bought when he was 16 and are now 35 years old and still work great.
Xfer case (drain and fill) is 24mm.
Diff (front and rear, drain and fill) is 24mm.
Tranny drain is 14mm.
Oil drain is 14mm.

Use 6pt sockets, especially on the diffs. I recommend using new OEM gaskets you can get from your dealer. The aftermarket cork/fibre gaskets are not recommended.

The engine block should be drained when doing the coolant flush. This is very important and will help flush out any rust or other residue. The drain is easy to get to through the left front wheel well using about 3' of extension. It is a brass plug and I believe it is 12mm. There is a good write-up on SOR for the coolant flush procedure giving socket sizes and torque specs. Please retrieve it and post it in this thread.

Like B says, 24mm and 14mm unless you replace the fill and drain on the diffs with the low profile allen heads :D
One more tip: Always, always, always remove the filler plug before you remove the drain plug. It's very frustrating to drain your diffs then discover you have stripped the head off the fill plug or something else goes wrong.

A guy just posted a similar problem on the 80s list this afternoon.
B's right about that (holy cow, B is right? :D). Can't tell you how many times guys email the list with a subject like "Urgent - need help fill plug stuck" :eek:
I purchased new fill and drain plugs for diffs and gearboxes last time.
20 years of oil changes took its toll especialy it seemed like incorect sized sockets had been used on rattle guns on them

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