SOA Spring Choices

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Jun 10, 2003
Mooresville, NC -- Lake Norman
Okay I am wanting to extend the wheel base and am not sure on the springs (for SOA 71 FJ40) any pros and cons and/or experience

FJ55 rear springs (know these are used often)
Old Waggy springs
New Ranch 44044 springs

or any other options??


I will post pics of my rust bucket project soon!!
IF I were starting mine from scratch today, I'd look hard at either used Waggie packs or new ones from JCWhitney. Those I know with them have been impressed, and they are easier to locate than the FJ55 packs. My concern now is if I bust a FJ55 pack, I'm SOL for replacements (one reason I'm pulling my rear FJ55 packs and doing the 1/4 "instant" pair of spares!)
are the stock waggy springs about the same length as the 55's??

any write ups on the waggy springs??

should i use 2 sets of rear springs like the 55's or front and rears??

thanks again
you'll find 100's of waggy writeups out there, not many on FJ's tho. I believe they rely on front waggy's only for the conversion. Search on and you should find some answers...I haven't researched it much...common on Jeeps and Toyota pickups tho
I know these are for a J**P but i think the idea is great. I know a couple guys around here that run them that swear by them...they S shape there stock springs from wranglers when they SOA so then they buy these puppies


At 125.00 dollars each i think i will stick with either my stock 40 springs OR something else...going to research the waggies a bit also. If you look in the PBB toyota pickup section there is and FAQ that gives the dimensions of the waggy springs...

Oh and something else i found out. Rear fj60 springs are probably pretty decent to use on the back instead of 55 springs. They do have and offset pin though so you maybe not as good as i think. I am going to try and get a set and see how they measure up to the 40 springs and 55s(though i don't have any of these:( but 60/62 springs would be better because there are more around vs the 55 springs. I am told the fronts are only like 41in long so that is the shortest of the short when it comes to cruiser springs.

Find any other info yet?

yea alittle on pirate only one fj40 and it just says he has waggy springs a few 60's and mostly tj/yj's

I did find that he used the fronts (2 sets) like using the 55 rears.

I found 55 springs for $250 for 4 rears and still waiting on a response on some waggies, also found at JCWhitney (thanks woody)

most info is for jeeps and they say these spring are really flexy

I will let you know if i find more

I am going to measure up a set of 62 springs in the morning at my friends house. Maybe i will see about getting them from him since they are on a parts rig and i already have the axles :D :D for my SOA setup To come.

I just picked up a set of CCOT Hell for Stout 1.5" lift springs for the front of my Cruiser.

THese are some kick ass springs.

Won't help you for a longer spring, but they do make a longer one for FJ-60/62 if you are looking for a well built spring to do your SOA with.

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