So what kind of oil are you guys running

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I've changed my oil every 3k miles 3 times now with Amsoil Z-Rod 10-40.
The 62 just empirically runs better, smoother, quieter on this synthetic, but I got curious about the actual data on the oil.

I'll keep updating as I get lab results coming in. I'll follow Blackstone's advice and run my current oil for 4K, see what it looks like.
Hardly any breakdown of the Zinc however, still above 1300 after 3k miles. I have 287K miles on this 3FE.

Screen Shot 2023-01-19 at 3.50.30 PM.png
Penrite 20W60, it's got 1100+ PPM of ZDDP so hopefully keeps the cam and lifters happy. Genuine filter because oil pressure builds so much faster in my experience than with aftermarket. Also use AW10 from cost effective maintenance. Might be snake oil but probably doesn't hurt.

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