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Dec 20, 2007
Orcas Island in NW Washington State
I have been searching the forums, ebay, amazon etc for a smog pump eliminator kit. I have come across threads about Jim C's part, but don't see how to contact him. I do see a couple around for 170.00, but seems really high for what it is. I could build one, but a lot of trial and error. It would be great to see a drawing for one, another thing would be a part# for the bearing center pulley. I thought Jim C version was maybe 120.00? Any help is appreciated. 1979 FJ 55, factory ps, no ac. Currently has gutted smog pump rattling loudly. Thanks much


Dec 2, 2002
Helena MT
Air Pump Idler pulley, 81-87 2F with PS

This one? $109 right now.

I gutted mine on my 60, and have a spare that I'll get rebuilt someday, but this is good route to take
Thank you Rusto, I just ordered one. I hope they get the note that I need their 'smaller' version 1979 and 1980.

I was going to mention it won't work, but I see you do know you need the shorter version. IIRCC Jim C makes a short version for 79 and 80
I had a later one that I cut down and welded the bushing back in place for the one on my 1980.

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