Skyjacker 4" lift

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Jan 29, 2003
I am looking into buying a Skyjacker 4" lift for my fj40. Is it possible to fit 35" tires under this lift without rubbing. I would do a spring over, but I dont have the time since this is my primary vehicle. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Also if some people could post some pics of their landcruisers with 4" lifts that would be great.

Are your rear fenders cut?
i'm running the skyjacker4 and i've also cut the rear fenders. i personally think you could run 35's without rubbing.
You should have no problem w/cut 1/4 panels. Also depends on where you are going.
I've got a Skyjacker 4" lift, stock length anti-inversion shackles, and 33x12.50's with cut out rears and I bet you could fit 35's without rubbing. That is the setup I wanted to go with but it wouldn't fit in the garage with the top on! Good luck and post some pics. when it's done. Here is a pic of my '78.
I've got a 4" with 33's. Perfect proportions, I do have cut rear 1/4's, but I still think 35's would be tight and would rub under articulation. If all I did was drive through mudholes or cruise the mall 35's would probably be fine. I might get a set of cheap 35's for city/highway driving to lower engine RPM's, and run the 33" TSL's for trail use only.
Note-Mine looks exactly the same as 78's cept with TSL's. I like it. :D
what kind of tire are you looking for?
i'm planning on going to the 34x10.5 ltb before the mid season, and i'm positive i can fit them no problem.
maybe you should look into a 34.
the ltbs are soft, bias ply, but look really aggressive. i don't drive mine on the highway to much so i don't expect a ton of wear.

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