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Jul 18, 2006
Looking for what kind of seats you guys have replaced your front seats with. Looking for ideas (whether aftermarket or used from a junkyard)...Dan Oh yeah, this vehicle does 50/50 trail/street time.
I look high and low for some seats, most of what I found would sit to high in my 82' without tilt steering. I ended up with some corbeau seats mainly because my :princess: didn't like the $200 junk yard seat I found that would still need seat covers. I'll post up some pics later

found this site and dealer claims to have bolt on brackets for most seats he sells for most applications but only has buckets and some nice ones $$$ but your backside is worth every penny bouncing from one side of the DSW to the other side of the DSW!! I have to 60/40 bench and trying to measure and figure if they can hook me up!!:bounce:
I had SR5 seats out of an 89 Runner in my 80 pickup w/ tilt steering. They are comfy. VW Golf seats fit pretty well in my 90 pickup reg cab, with a little drilling, and shimming to get them in. I have seen a lot of honda/acura seats in toys, and saturn seats aren't too bad, although they seem to fall apart way quicker than even toyota seats (I have seen a lot of toy seats fall apart). I have an FJ60 and it has very comfy seats, but I think it would take some work to get them in a pickup because the mounts are very tall and oddly shaped.
Toyota SR5 seats, for the money some of the best seats around, if not Beard or Mastercraft makes some real nice seats but you pay a little more.
Toyota Celica buckets fit in nice and sit low to the floor.

what kinda mods do ya have to make the celica seats fit? i am also 290lbs and a celica seat probably would last about a week anyway!!
Dont feel bad I had to but the FAT Boy seats from Corbeau :D
I am going to attempt to put the old seats from my FJ60 into my 78 mini. We'll see how it goes.
i hear honda del sol seats are good one to have in the yoter.
i did drive a del sol 100 miles a few weeks back. the seats are much more comfy than the SR5 seats in the 4Runner.

dman, the SR5 seats are so worn, my lower back hurts after 20 mins. I really need new one! :crybaby:
Sounds like an Appetizer Thanks for info i will scoure ABQ junk yards again!!:bounce2:
What year are your 60/40 seats? I'm looking for a set for a 78 fj40.
If that Q was for me it's a 93 4x4 Pu Delux Extended Bed Blue interior!:)

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