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Nov 4, 2007
I do get frightened, that something may break down. But I know when one leaves my shop I've done the best I can to correct any issue I can identify and I get better with each one I restore. So I'll kept my fingers crossed not even a bulb blows.

Biggest complainants I've had or question while someone was driving home across country. "did you replace wipers" NO why? They streak. Found I was treating rubber of blade with conditioner cause them too streak.
Few others:
Had a warp front rotor, I did not detect because I don't ride my breaks on the down hill.
Had a dash fuse blow, luckily Toyota puts a spare in the lid!
Didn't flush windshield washer fluid, and it froze.

Everyone of these makes me unhappy, so I work to improve and test drive more miles when I can.

Now I have to take my GF out to dinner. It's our deal on each sale for spending so much time in the shop. So she get 3 nights a year. The rest I get to play in the shop;)
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