SOLD San Francisco Bay Area - 1994 80 Series - Fully Built

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Vehicle Model
  1. 80 Series
United States
1994 Toyota Land Cruiser (80 Series)

I am selling my 80 Series after a wonderfully long run. This truck has had many epic adventures throughout California from the Sierras to the Mojave Trail. Stock front and rear e-lockers as well. It's been consistently maintained and babied at A Plus Japanese Auto Repair in San Carlos, CA. The owners there are very knowledgable and both own 80s themselves, which has been fantastic for servicing the vehicle properly.

Over the last ten or so years, I've driven the vehicle about 2,000 miles a year at the most. While I've loved the vehicle, now with a family and looking for a different type of vehicle, I've built out a 200 Series.

The vehicle's odometer has 180,XXX miles on it, however, I believe it to be about 270,000 miles. When I purchased the vehicle, the previous owner told me it was on its second engine as the first one had an issue. No problems during my ownership with the engine.


  • Re-geared to 4.88s
  • Replaced stock leather seats in front and rear with matching vinyl seats, installed seat heaters in front seats, overall very good condition with some wear
  • Front Runner Slimline II roof rack; accessories: 10 gallon water jug, shovel mount, shower mount
  • OME suspension
  • ARB front bumper (dent in the middle)
  • 4x4 Labs rear bumper with dual swing outs for spare tire and fuel tray (holds three five gallon gas jugs, included)
  • MetalTech rock sliders
  • ARB Twin Compressor (mounted under hood)
  • BFG KO2 tires (five, good condition)
  • Blue Ridge Overland Attic
  • Dual battery setup
  • Rear hatch LED light
  • Tailgate storage from Back Bay Customs @Notch
  • Accessories included: solar trickle charger, tow straps, light bar, Fiskar shovel, 3D printed cup holders, CB radio (not used), CB antenna, Hi Lift jack, ARB remote temperature monitor, Pioneer radio/CB player (not Bluetooth compatible, must be plugged in), Spot Trace satellite tracker (subscription required at $50 per year)

  • Slight dent in left rear quarter panel
  • minimal rust
  • dent in middle of ARB bumper
  • nicks on right side mirror
  • slight chipping of paint on hood (it hasn't bothered me and has been like that for years, though it could be repainted)
  • No third row seats (I had a Trekboxx Alpha system installed but excluded from the sale and has since been removed but leaving photos up so folks can see previous condition a month ago when pix were taken, wiring for two fridges still present)

Recent services done:
  • June 2020, $1,700 in work done by A+
  • Smogged July 2020
  • Registration due September 2020

Sold separately:
  • Sold separately: ARB 55 ($400) and 45 qt fridge freezers ($350)
  • Maxtraxx (two orange ones)
  • Noco GB150 charger - $100

EDIT 8/13/20: SOLD

All photos available here: 80 Series

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A few fun pix over the years...

Big Sur:

Pismo Beach:



Bass Lake:


Lake Tahoe:
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Glad to see it's sold. I kept looking back at this thread and was tempted to send you a message about it!
Thanks @mcgaskins! Man that woulda been fun to see an 80 in your collection! I know with your 50+ vehicles you’ve had a lot. Only 200s and Tacomas or any others?

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