Rust issues on a 2002 LC!

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Aug 5, 2020

I am looking at a used 2002 LC with 200k miles - price is approx 7k.
I dont mind the miles and cosmetics but I was little surprised to see the amount of rust on the undercarriage.
I am much more concerned that this becomes unusable And unfixable. I’m planning on using it as a winter beater car in New York State.
I’ve seen mentions here of some products / costing to treat rust or make it inert- is that possible or is this too far gone.? Realistically how much life does it have left in it?
Thanks, I’m a little uneducated on these so appreciate the help!





That looks bad! I would turn away now...
Yikes she's pretty eaten up. But if you are using her as a "winter beater", Fluid Film everything under there and run her til she falls apart and fix what you can when it breaks off. I did that with my old 2000 that rusted apart on me. Brake lines rotted off, every bolt I tried to turn snapped off, and she creaked and groaned like a wooden roller coaster. Maybe use all that rust to negotiate that price down some more?
Thanks guys - @ChiefKeef - how long did yours last until it fell apart? Think if i treat the bottom i could get 5 years or something out of it?

Basically, my thought is - is this a dealbreaker? a constant headache until it breaks , or a cosmetic issue until it breaks?
It’s going to be an issue if you have to wrench on something like that. Get ready to break nuts and bolts, etc. I imagine some critical areas are close to failure with that much rust...sway bar brackets, brake and fuel lines, exhaust, some areas of the frame (second to rear-most frame crossmember on the driver side seems to be a weak spot). Climb under the truck and see what you think, it looks bad in the pics but you really have to see it in person and poke around (literally) with some type of metal object to determine if it’s just cosmetic rust or almost rusted through.
That’s some underwater titanic s***. Surprised we didn’t get more options from the body snobs. That shot near the quarter panel is the reason I don’t post pics of mine on this forum for fear of the backlash:). 3-4K might be a better price to offset the additional service costs/repair costs/extra parts when those things come up
I kept my 2000 for about 5 years. It was mainly a learning experience. Brake lines were replaced, all my sway bar links were gone, most of the rubber mounts and bushings were toast as well. I finally traded it when three of my body mounts more or less rusted through and broke off. I will say you will appreciate a good one after dealing with a rusty one. Get that price down, don't dump a bunch of money it with mods, and run her til stuff starts falling off
IMHO I would avoid any Pebble Beach concours entries with that rig. Again, IMHO.
X2 See if you can get it cheaper. If you are willing to spend time and money you can buy and replace rusty/dry rotted removable parts like sway bars, bushings, trailing arms, tow hitch, etc with new or used from the southwest units.
Do that and then wire wheel and spray the rest of the frame and look to get 5 years.
Or pay more for a truck in the south, get it coated in fluid film twice a winter and drive it for 15
Thanks guys! Wppreciate the help. I don’t have the time to invest. So I will pass on this one!

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