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Feb 19, 2005
Chico, CA
I'm on spring break right now so I'm at home on my parents computer and only have access to pictures that I've posted before. But I've posted quite a few on pirate so I should be a able to still give you a good story about my cruiser. I couldn't find any good rubicon pictures though:frown:


This is driving away from the house of the guy I bought the cruiser from back in january of 05. He was Ron "the a****** from Del Paso". He was a clamper who took this thing through the rubicon many times but had to sell it because he had emphysema and couldn't go up to the altitude anymore. It was a great deal, 350, th350 tranny, arbs front and rear. Little did I know....

The engine was on its last leg. :doh: New engine from the chevy dealer for $1500 and I'm rolling again. Then I had overheating troubles. Huge aluminum radiator and an auxilary electric fan on the front of the radiator and I'm good to go again. Then after a snow wheeling trip, my transmission won't hold the vehicle when in park, so time for a new one of those too. Then the carburetor died on me so I got a new-to-me q-jet from the junkyard and it worked good for a while then it finally stopped working so I had it rebuilt and installed propane dual-fuel as backup and for the off-camber stuff.

I had a lot of fun wheeling it sprung under. I went to the rubicon numerous times over the last two summers and up to fordyce to the first water crossing a few times as well. Also at least 10 trips up to high lakes for snow wheeling. I don't have any pictures on the internet of these trips so you'll just have to take my word for it.;)



just a post time
Spring over time!:idea:

Last october I had collected all the parts necessary to spring over my cruiser. High steer with mini truck knuckles and a good wheelbase stretch in the rear were in store.

The front end was the easy part, just bolt on new parts and weld up new perches and cut and turn and new outers and .... Okay so maybe it still took a while but it's nothing amazing. The front sure does flex nice though:cool:

Progress after first day:

After getting the front done the first day we began work on the rear the next day. This picture is the approximate position of the axle.

Sweet spiderweb gussets on the rear spring hangers:D :bounce:

Springs mounted under the rig

Progress after second day:

I had to drive about a mile home with front wheel drive and rear wheel brakes. The rear driveshaft had to be lengthened a lot and the front brakes weren't quite working yet...that was a slow drive:lol:
It looked pretty good the next day

Until I tried to stack on my brother's 37 mtr with my front wheel drive and rear brakes...That wasn't such a good idea.:doh: At least it notified me of a potential problem.

I put some stock ford explorer shackles on there so I could drive around town until the new shackles were made. I also got the rear shaft lengthened and the front brakes fixed. It was time to flex it out to see how long of shocks I would need....


At this point I learned that the throttle cable should be longer than the exact distance between the firewall and the carburetor. When I flexed, the throttle stuck and shot me off the top of the ramp:doh: :eek: At least I got my first flop out of the way:lol:

We made new awesome longer shackles that would level it out more and look bling.

I got a screaming deal on some 37" mtrs off of craigslist.:bounce2:

It was now time to face my fears and drive up the ramp again...:crybaby: I drove as slow as I could but the new throttle cable handled it like a champ and didn't flip me over;p




Trimmed the fenders a bit and now it's time to go wheeling:beer:

Snow wheeling:cool:

Out at clay pit:grinpimp:

In vacaville at the Mix Challenge







Now I've flopped it many times and almost went over backwards just today. Good thing for reverse:) :eek: I'm very happy with the spring over. It's nice to to be driving by braile with the spring plates and springs under the axle that rub on everything!

99" wheelbase (all the stretch is in the rear)
4 wheel disc
350 sbc with qjet
propane dual fuel
arbs front and rear
and enough spare parts to fix almost any thing that breaks on the trail in the toolbox:cheers:

Any questions?:popcorn:

thats sweet man:cool: hope to SOA my 40 one day,what are the rear springs off or are they custom?:cheers:
Looks like fun! I'm way too much of a wuss to try to do the stuff you were doing in the vids. Nice Rig!
Great pics and videos !! Thanks for sharing, I like your spring hanger gussets and rear shackles. Nice custom work!:cheers:
Thats awesome...damn RTI ramps! This will kkep me busy for a while, I haven't even gotten to the vids yet. Looks great man, thanks!
awesome vids,and thanks for the brake brackets.i wish i was closer id love to wheel with you
ive got every thing for the brakes just not the time,i should be able to get to them this hot is it in june their, its like 100plus here.
nice work dude.. you should be proud of your work

where did you get those spider web truss things?
what aluminum radiator are you running?
and thats the dirtiest crate engine i've ever seen lol (JK)

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