Rimrock Trail

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Anybody been on this trail? 160 Miles of Dirt & Fun | Rimrocker Trail

Early candidate for next year, check it out.
Ron...this is the trail I was talking about during PP2020. Site says it's now temporarily closed but if it opens up I will try to run it this Fall and report back. It starts in Montrose, picks up the Kokopelli Trail which is one of the pre-trips to Cruise Moab near Grand Junction, and continues on to Moab. Can include the infamous Rose Garden Hill or there's a workaround. From what I hear it's a lot of backcountry dirt road and two track with a few gnarlier sections that the rigs that normally are at our Pig Parties can handle.
It would be fun to schedule a PP with an initial meet up at the very nice state parks campground at Ridgway Reservoir about 30 miles from Montrose and proceed from there. The reservoir is a few miles north of Ridgway, which we went through returning from Corkscrew Pass to Rico during PP2017. Lot of opportunities for folks to extend their trip by hitting the San Juans prior or the canyon counry around Moab afterwards. This possiblity would work in our normal PP late May/early June time frame.
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Looks like the Rimrocker is open. I'll try to schedule a pre-run with my Jeep driving, Land Cruiser building compadre before the snow flies and hunting seasons kick in.
Its a fun trail, I had my tropcarrier and a Bud had his sc tacoma. We camped 1 night at higher elevation in the snow. It gets kinda gnarly towards the end and we found another trail off and shot towards Moab which was our destination. It's a huge play ground in Southern Utah, tons of fun and wheeling. Beautiful zone to cruise.
Having read the trail section descriptions I was mistaken. The Rimrocker as described does not include the Kokopelli Trail though it would be easy enough to alter the trip to include it if the group desired. Coming north from Nucla/Naturita on Hwy 141 is a scenic two lane that would take us to Gateway CO and allow a stop at Discovery Channel founder John Hendricks’ world class auto museum at his Gateway Canyons Resort. Classic Cars at The Gateway Colorado Auto Museum. Couple of options to Moab from there, including Kokopelli.
That sounds like a great trip - 160 miles of dirt road is pretty significant!
How many miles was McGruder?

We took a wrong turn after leaving the takeout for MFS at Corn Creek on the Main. It was a great dirt road that ran along Panther Creek for at least 50 miles to its headwaters at the top of the pass and another 10 - 20 miles along a south running drainage to the town of Challis. We saw like 2 other vehicles the entire time.
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