Right signal dead - help

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Mar 5, 2003
Seattle, WA
I don't know what else to look for, so I hope that someone can give me direction.  The right signal is dead.  I replaced the bulbs and check the wires.  Still didn't work.  It just doesn't blink.  When the "hazard" is pulled, everything works.  I need help.  Thanks.

Oh, it's a '78 FJ40.

Also, when I turn the lights on, the right signal light on the dash light up. Could I have a contact some where?
sounds to me like a bad ground in the light
i have a 71 and every once in a wile it does the same thing
so i go and move the light itself for a better ground to the fender. now i just ran another wire from inside the light,
and grounded it to a bolt on the fender
I'm with Corbet on the bad column switch.
If it was a bad ground (my first assumption) then I doubt the hazards would work.)
OK, I took the switch off to look and clean it. It has a steel ball at the end. The ball is pushed in when you turn the switch to make contact. I also looked at the circuit board. It looked ok. Now, where could it be bad? inside the switch handle, where the steel ball make the contact?

Couple days ago, I drove it around the neighborhood. The right signal just started working. I was glad that it worked. The next morning, it's dead again til now. I couldn't figure out why it started working and then stop working. Any idea(s)?
Clean up the ground and it wouldn't hurt to slip in a new flasher unit.
I agree, ground problem. I chased these problems for the first few months then finally broke down and bought new lights. Double then triple check the grounds.
I.ve got to agree with lndcrzr71 on this one. I had the exact same problem as you're having, except it was the left side signal that wouldn't work(with the headlights on). Last night I took the light ass'y. off the fender and cleaned all the grime out from between the lockwasher and nut and the underside of the fender, sanded it clean with emery paper, put it back together and it works great now. I have no idea why it would work with the headlights off, or why the flashers would work even with the lights on, but cleaning up the grounding surfaces sure did cure my problem.
ok, i've got an interesting occurance. my right hand front indicator works fine most of the time but occasionally the parking light is the bulb that flashes, instead of the indicator light, to get it to work properly i just have to get out and tap the indicator/ park light housing. any1 got ideas on this one?
...bad ground... Been there.
Any dual filament bulb that is deprived a ground will backfeed given power through the other filament and into that circuit. If that is your running light circuit then you would see it as lighting up. it is usually the bracketing area rusting.
I have had my '78 since I drove it off the showroom floor and when (not if) I have a problem with a turn signal it is almost always a ground problem. Especially after I caved in my tail-lights the first couple of times and switched to aftermarket tail-light assemblies. Once I figured out how to ground them properly I seldom have problems. Otherwise, it's been a bulb. :)
are te flasher/parkers a dual filament? they apear to be in different positions (the parker higher than the indicator)

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