reprogramming key fob. can't find TVSS box

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Mar 25, 2008
Ok I have read the faq and run a search on the subject, but I still have questions.

I need to reprogram my 2 key fob's for my keyless entry. I found the instructions (from the scanned image of the LX manual) on how to reprogram the key fob on one of the threads, but I can not find the TVSS box with the reprogram button.

Yes I have looked under the driver seat. I do feel a box under the carpet of the DS, but I think it is an old celluar handsfree junction box. Would the TVSS be under the carpet of the driver seat? To get to the box under the carpet I would have to remove the ds seat. that seems a bit much.

I have also looked under the dash. One person mentioned that it was taped to the control (something?) box, but I did not see it.

Any suggestions of other locations?
Also, can someone post a picture of the box. maybe I am looking at it and don't know it.
It is under the seat of my 94 LC. Not sure what to tell you.
I found the instructions (from the scanned image of the LX manual) on how to reprogram the key fob

Since you have an LX, you have the RS3000 alarm system unless it was removed and replaced with an aftermarket system. There should be a small black box under the driver's seat. There is a small button that can be reached from the left side of the seat if you are standing outside the door and kneel down.

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I might have mistyped. I have a 93 LC. I was reading the instructions from an LX manual that was listed on a thread. I assued they would be the same. if not. what are the programming instructions for an 93 LC?
My LC is in the shop and I will get it back tommorrow. I will look under the ds seat again. Any pictures out there of TVSS placement under the ds seat. I know this is probably a dumb request, but I am getting desperate in trying to find it.
still can find my main controller box. any ideas where it might be? any pictures of other peoples placement?
Anyone have the 93 LC programming instructions for the TVSS?
check under the passenger seat?

These are DEALER/PORT installed remotes, so the receivers are either under the driver or passenger front seat...or tucked under the dash upwards of the pedals on the drivers side.

Are you sure you HAVE keyless entry in yours?

Not to be rude but have you tried searching the 80s forum? I know I have seen over the last couple of years numerous threads posted up about the alarm systems that people have found in their 80s...Just search on alarm or fob etc. The box could be anywhere but I would start looking in likely places like behind the kick panels and up under the dash. IIRC one 80 owner found his box up under the dash and it was the alarm system out of a RAV4. I know he posted up pics of what he found.

If you find the box, get the info off it (if any) and post up a picture with the information and do a Google search to see what you can find out about what you have.

Good luck :cheers:
Thanks for the info hzavarce. I do live in the south east, but that thread does not apply. I do have a BABEUC-1052 FOB not the audiovo that is mentioned.
Update. I have 2 key fobs, #1 has the typical broken key ring and #2 is intact. #1 fob actually set the alarm today when I pushed the button. So I switched the guts from #1 to #2 (with the good case).
Although I have a working FOB I still would like to find the main unit just in case I lose my only working key FOB or add a working second key FOB (for the wife).
Places that I have looked. Under DS seat, DS kick panel, Under PS seat, and under the dash near the steering collum. I have not removed any of the dash covers yet, but I might have to, to find the main unit.
Can this system not be programed using the valet/horn disarm switch, the FOB and key in the ingnition?

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