Remove mil-wrap leaf to add a leaf?

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Jan 17, 2005
Southern Colorado
I ordered D2XLs from Kurt for my FJ62 rear spring packs. In the past, I have replaced an existing leaf with the AAL, to keep the spring pack thickness the same. This has worked well for me.

Upon disassembling the leaf pack, the leaf that is most similar in length to the AAL is the 2nd leaf, which has the military wrap. Should I remove this (seemingly important) leaf, or just 'add' the AAL to the pack, underneath it? I don't do extreme wheeling, but feel uncomfortable about removing the military wrap leaf to replace it with the AAL. Thoughts? Personal experience?

Thanks - Steve
Thanks - I may do that, if I can preserve the overall spring pack thickness (perhaps by removing the shortest leaf on the bottom).
Just did this...OME AAL to my OME front springs.

Did not remove a spring, added the AAL as the 3rd leaf and kept all the other leafs. You may (likely but not always) need to get longer u bolts and center pins. I got these from Kurt.

Completing the story. I received the OME D2XL AALs from Cruiser Outfitters in record time, and with good advise from them. No attitude - just high quality customer service and blisteringly fast shipping.

Installed the AALs as the 3rd leaf down in the rear spring pack, and removed the bottom-most (shortest) leaf to keep the overall pack thickness manageable. I cleaned up all the leaves, painted them with Hammerite, and inspected the slipper pads, which were in good shape. Made custom center pins (FJ62 has weird/oversize rear ones) and put it all back together with new bushings and cleaned-up shackles. I re-used the u-bolts and tightened all to the factory spec. Very little rust on all the parts, which was nice to see. There was significant rust where the spring leaves touched each other, however, which is why I painted those contact areas.

Net result: 1" of lift on one side and 3/4" lift on the other. Not all I had hoped for. The good news is that ride quality is as good or better than before. I may now add a small shackle lift to get all the lift I wanted. I'm happy with this approach, but don't count on a lot of lift!
Yeah - I tried to 'settle' them the other night on my property. I think you may be right - but it won't be the dumbest thing I ever did on any of my trucks, I suppose.
For the price, you can't go wrong with an AAL. I had heavy/medium starting out, had a funky stance going on. Threw in some AALs to make it heavy/heavy and the stance is perfect now.

Now for a small body lift and some extended shackles, and a rear bumper from J........... This really is a sickness, isn't it? :hmm::lol:

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