Rear Shock and Spring install

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Dec 28, 2007
Norfolk, VA
I currently completed front shock and spring install. It was fairly simple took me around 2 hours. When I started the rear I spent 6 hours trying to loosen 4 rusted bolts with zero luck. I used a torch to heat up the bolts, impact tools and about 1 can of jb rust blaster. These bolts did not budge. I put evry thing back together, sway bar, tires, etc and called the toyota dealer to get a quote to finish the job. The quoted me $475.00 for labor and alignment. If the bolts were not rusted on, I estimate the job to be no more than 2 hours. Does this qoute seem high? What is an honest estimate to do just the rear shocks and springs? Any honest toyota shops in VA Beach, VA would be appreciated. Thanks
Try Eastern Offroad at Virginia Beach Blvd near Colonial Chevrolet to see how much they going to charge you. Or you can call Pungo Offroad so you can get a price qoute. Are you in the military, if so you can use the base auto hobby shop for a low fee.
Yep in the Navy, I was going to do the job over at NB Norfolk auto hobby shop, but I have the impact tools they have at the shop all at home. These bolts in the rear of the vehicle are solid rust. It appears that the vehicle was used to haul a boat and regularly backed down a ramp to get the boat in and out. I had to get the whole hitch assembly torched off about 6 months ago.
Go to NAS Oceana auto hobby shop, they have variety of tools plus the shop manager is friendly and has a lot of experience.

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