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Jul 1, 2005
Boulder CO.
Im in the process of doing my ps install. I mounted my pump to see if everything would line up and i realized that i cant mount the belts because everything is on my first row of pulleys. I searched and couldnt find any info. Its a 79 2F so it already has the holes for the ps pump. The pump is off a 60 and fits perfectly aside from the fact that its to far forward. The only thing i can think of is cutting the bracket to the pump and rewelding it in the right spot, which doesn't look easy. I took some pics to help describe my problem, buts its kind of hard to see.

Any suggestions before cut it up?

The alternator bracket would be significantly easier to modify if that is the direction you decide to go. No big deal about moving it rearward and running the alternator belt on the inside pulley set.

how was the belt run before this?.....should have been crank-alt-wp and the other would have been crank-wp-smog

what it should be now is crank-alt-ps and crank-wp-smog

if you're able to re-mount the alt, it would actually be good then you'd have 2 belts on the wp.
crank-wp-ps-smog and crank -alt-wp

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