QuickJack lifting points

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Nov 24, 2019
I have a set of 7000lb QuickJacks which I love and work great on my modern(ish) cars with standard unibody jack points but I’m struggling to safely get the FJ60 in the air. Since the frame gets narrow as it moves forward, the QuickJacks have to toe in quite a bit which makes it a little wobbly at full lift. I was curious if anyone else uses QJs and has found good jack points other than the frame. Thanks!
I had to google them.. for anyone else wondering..

Those things look sketchy to me. A built 60 can push 6,000 lbs which is pretty close to the rated weight of the quickjack. Add in the wobble that you mention and I'd be pretty nervous crawling under it.

It also looks kind of awkward to work around - you'd always have to slide under the car from the front or back.

I use 6-ton jack stands - that's 12,000lbs. I much prefer that margin of safety.
Have never seen one in person, but my thinking is the same.
I looked at the specs for the smaller of the 7000 lb quickjack. It doesn't seem like there is much choice where to lift from--between the transmission cross member and the forward leaf spring hanger. Not only is it narrow in front it doesn't span more than 1/3 of the frame front to back. If you are going to use these I would also recommend jack stands maybe at the corners of your bumpers?

That contraption looks okay for a passenger car but I don't trust it. Will it even lift high enough?

4 HD jackstands and a floor jack are what I use.

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