Quick ??? 86 4runner

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Nov 20, 2008
NewCastle, IN
Well the truck set for about 2 years I got it put a newer 22re motor It ran great then started missing out then slowly stoped running. Its getting fuel and spark. Just wont run. wont start on starter fluid eathier. Ive checked the timing several times Im out of ideas. Any ideas Any help really Helpful..
So you checked the timing and its ok?
I would check your maf and you computer. find someone with a good maf or computer and plug ehm in your truck, see what happens.
If it won't even start on starting fluid then you have no spark.

spark + ether = fire

I had similar problems with an 87 I had that turned out to be corroded wires going to the fuel injectors. But it still started for a few seconds on starting fluid.
I would check everything spark related. Distributor cap/rotor, coil wire, coil/ignitor ... in that order. Rule out the simple and work up from there. Report back as you knock each off and we can help you rule out potential trouble sources. Also, as Wristy says, check and make sure you have a good ground to the engine.
Thanks for the replies Iv checked the computer and the sencer on the air filer box with newer ones i know worked. Also have spark i can pull out a spark plug and there getting spark. I thought this was werid none of the other wires except 4 will shock me does this have anything importance?? remember there all still getting spark just the shock with 4. Ill check the ground again but it got a new ground when the motor was put in. Thanks for the help!!
I've had two issues with replaced 22RE's...

First one wouldn't start because the ground cable that connects under the air intake was not connected. I connected that ground and all was good.

Another brand new engine just wouldn't run, not even on starting fluid. Spark plugs APPEARED to get spark when out of the engine, but would not fire in the engine. Put in new plugs, and all was good. (Still not sure why they didn't work, they were brand new also.)

Good luck,
Jerry D.
Its got new plugs Has anyone ever had a fuel pump run but not have enough pressure Havent checked the pressure yet But its a thought.
Has anyone ever had a fuel pump run but not have enough pressure Havent checked the pressure yet But its a thought.

Yes, but not my 22re. It was on my 3FE. I needed 45psi and it only had 28psi.

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