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Mar 31, 2008
Ft Stewart, GA
Hey all,
I own a 1986 FJ60, she needs some work, but she runs strong. Recantly, while exploring the depths of my engine bay, i found that my air pump was not connected to that manifold right in front of the exaust manifold. does this actually help with emmitions, or is it just going to rob me of the power i dont have?

My next question is regaurding the ARB snorkal kit. can i get some pictures from anyone with that set up? i'm curious to see how all of that works out...

Thank for any help,
Hunter :cheers:
Howdy! Yes, it probably should be hooked up, and yes, it robs power, which is probably why the P. O. disconnected it. Is the rest of the smog junk still hooked up? Pics would help. John
You do a search on the threads for snorkel kit photos. And yes it should be hooked up. Like Inkpot said "photos of the smog" would help answer your question.
I know "Rig of Mortis" has a good thread for snorkel photos on his BJ60. I'll find you the link and post it.
Are you any way desomgged? perhaps it has been gutted and is just there for the pully, any sucking going on when its running? vacum leaks? good luck

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