Questions on my first my first Fj60 1984 land cruiser that l’m about to buy

Nov 2, 2017
Vancouver, Canada
I'd never dd one. They arent fuel efficient. Save it for off roading. To make it reliable it will need a total overhaul which wont be cheap but then youd have a super reliable rig. For a more modern engine put a 1hz or 1hdt in it and you will be able to get spares. Still a cheaper and better option than buying a fancy new spandangled 4x4 full of electronics to fail.
Jul 2, 2012
Somewhere in the woods
I DD my 60 on 37s and a cage. Its honestly awful if you are used to modern vehicles and good gas mileage. I get away with it because I have a take home car for work so i can go a week or more without driving it. I am constantly fixing stuff on it and its a pain when you just want to get groceries and something dumb pops up.

Im about to not have a take home car and will be swapping for my FZJ80. It also gets awful mileage but its far more reliable for a daily driver. Id look at an 80 series first but just know that mileage is going to be around 10 across the board.


Jan 17, 2012
Culver City, CA
I have an 84 FJ60 with 236k on the clock. And it is my daily driver. It starts every morning and I love driving it. Yes gas mileage sucks but I enjoy driving.
I drive short distances and I don’t hesitate driving long distance. I have the confidence that it will make.
Look it over really good! And/Or have someone who knows about them to go with you. And they can point out the good the bad and ugly. Once you dial them in they are reliable as ever. but it will take some $$ to baseline it and get it to run right.
Good luck and don’t just jump on the first one you see. There a lot good buys out there.
The Colorado one looks actually pretty darn good.
Good luck and happy hunting!


10 digits to freedom
Nov 28, 2016
Ventura, CA
Everyone nailed it on the head.

Mine is my daily/only car, gets around 250-300mi a week for the past 3 years. Has it ever let me down? Not once, only because I spend every waking minute tinkering and doing preventive maintenance so it stays that way. Can't say it won't break down in the future, but I try my best to keep that from happening.

Out of every car I've owned in the past 15 years, it is hands down my favorite to drive around and very useful. You must really really really enjoy tinkering for perfection and a wallet that enjoys hunting for parts.

I did however buy a new motorcycle recently to cut down on unnecessary gas cost....and because I drive solo to/from work :)
Oct 15, 2017
Ontario - Canada
It looks like an $8k truck to me based on all of the visually obvious deferred maintenance.

Appears to have filler just behind the rear mudflap.

172,000 is very early for a rebuild on the engine. Unless there are receipts to prove it happened, assume it didn’t.
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