question about spraying acrylic lacquer over top of rust paint


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Feb 8, 2004
Cloverdale B.C. Canada
hey everyone .looking for info on how to paint acrylic lacquer over top of rust paint. (tremclad)
just curious how i need to seal this before doing so . the rust paint says specifiacally not to paint acrylic lacquer over it ,it will bubble and peel

i have the paint already too match my rig and i want to paint the hardtop and doors to match it . here is a pic of rust paint spayed all over the pieces .any info would be grealy appreciated.
is it as simple as spraying a coat of primer over everything ??
if so any special kind?

:cheers: Jake
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Feb 25, 2008
Lightly prep sand the tremclad without sanding through anywhere next spray several "LIGHT" half coats with the fastest reducer added to the lacquer, this will help prevent the paint striping effect on the tremclad,then after about a week of curing lightly prepsand again and try heavier coats.

good luck.
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