Purchase question- service history?

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Nov 11, 2011
Looking to buy a gx 470, been reading and searching
Found a 03 2 0wner family .
Service records up until 54,xxx, at lexus dealers.
After that pretty much only oil changes done no tranny, differentals fluid, timing belt services. Has 130,xxx on it now.

Steer away from it?
What are the main services that need to look for?

I wouldn't steer away from it, at least the oil changes were done and that's the most important. The Timing belt is a ticking time bomb and just pray it doesn't go while you are driving it home.

I would budget for full Preventative Maintenance (PM) and that would include the timing belt, water pump, and all fluids, & filters.
Yeah timing belt would either have to be changed or I would trailer it home, I think the transmission was served at 30000 but not after that

Not that big a concern on the differentials transfer case and tranny being changed in that time frame?

Yes any vehicle I buy will have all fluids changed.

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